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Make a Change Are you involved in an organisational change?

Are you undergoing or implementing a change? Then you know that activating change isn’t easy. Recognise the statements: “I do not know how to activate change” , “I cannot sell the change”, “It is not sustainable”, “It takes to long and costs to much”, “It doesn’t satisfy”.

Would you benefit from building your capability in change activation?

This highly interactive Masterclass enables you to improve those competencies and master the art and of change activation. It contains over 40 methods, instruments and tools.

On top of that it connects you with peer change professionals and helps to improve your personal profile and increase your (and others) professional change performance!

The Masterclass consist of 5 highly interactive classroom sessions and is supported by a rich virtual learning environment.

The overall duration is on average 2-3 months in an evening schedule.

Your investment:

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Compose your edition on the sign up tab.

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Business Situation 

The difficulties that are faced during organisational change initiatives include high failure rate, inability to sustain changes over time, low stakeholder engagement, use of ad-hoc approaches to change and lack of understanding of key change management principles and practices.

Your Situation 

Undergoing or implementing change, you are facing the challenge how to activate successful and sustainable change:

  • whats your planHow to choose the right approach?
  • How to bridge the change gap?
  • How to implement new technology?
  • How to engage and communicate with stakeholders?
  • How to overcome resistance?
  • How to make it cost-effective?
  • Or shortly said: How to activate change?

So what’s your plan?

In Company

This course can also be executed in company as an embedded learning process in which your staff is learning and earning (l’earning) Change Activation on the go: as a team and value chain, delivering immediate benefits in your change.

For Whom

The Change Activation Masterclass is intended for:

  • thumbsChange Implementers and Change Recipients: individuals undergoing or implementing change within organisations.
  • Those who wants to go beyond a introduction to Change Management.
  • Alumni of our Change Management courses, wanting to fresh up/deepen Change Activation knowledge and skills.
  • Those who want to deepen the skills acquired in other courses.

Entry Level

We expect that you meet the entry requirements:

  • A work environment in which you can practice what you learn.
  • Several years of working experience
  • Strong motivation to learn.
  • Striving for being a reflective practitioner (reflecting upon thinking and acting).

In doubt? Get in contact.


The masterclass content language is due to it international nature in English. The classroom language follows the language of the participant (e.g. Dutch).



After the masterclass you developed yourself in mastering change activation. Achievements within reach are:

  • An improved ability to activate change.
  • Insight in the Change Activation principles.
  • Understanding Change Activation Methods and Practices
  • Being familiar with/knowhow to use key instruments to create and direct Change Activation.
  • Putting theory in your practice.

All of these achievements are essential in realising the objective of becoming a reflective practitioner: reflecting upon (own) thinking and (own) acting in mastering Change Activation in your daily practice: you as the Change Activator!


  1. You have developed yourself in mastering change activation and extended your professional network and shared intensively experiences with peer students.
  2. You are as a Change Activist prepared for effectual change activation! You are better contributing and navigating change as change recipients and better lead change as change implementers.
  3. Organisations benefit from the increased change activation capability and the support for specific implementation initiatives.


On successful completion you will receive a certificate.



The Masterclass is composed of 18 highly engaging – multimedia supported – modules, focusing on Change Activation and supported by a comprehensive  Change Activation Toolkit:


These 18  modules covers six crucial themes that cover the whole spectrum of organisational change activation: ALLTHEMES

Sessions and durations

The programme consist of 5 lectures, with an overall duration of less than 3 months in an evening schedule. An overview of the modules per session:

Session      Covered Modules 


  • Thinking about Organisational Change.
  • Project Management & Change Management.
  • Why Changes Fail.
  • Culture and Change.
  • Learning & Coaching as Enablers.


  • Conducting Gap Analysis.
  • Change Readiness Assessment.
  • Engaging & Maintaining  Sponsor Involvement.
  • Change Stakeholder Analysis
  • Learning & Coaching as Enablers.


  • Creating a Communication Strategy.
  • Choosing a Communication Channel.
  • Accommodating different Communication. Styles.
  • Telling Stories.
  • Learning & Coaching as Enablers.


  • Inspiring Action not Despair.
  • Four Common Responses to Change.
  • Overcoming Resistance.
  • Learning & Coaching as Enablers.


  • Measuring Change Effectiveness.
  • Choosing a Change Management Methodology.
  • Learning & Coaching as Enablers.

Competencies and Assessment

During the Masterclass you will be teached and tested in developing the gained competencies. The final assessment is a Change Activation Reflection Report in which you create/reflect upon your Change Activation in your own working environment, using the insights of this Masterclass.

The main assessment criteria are:

  • Change Complexity.
  • Analysis and Argumentation.
  • Connection to the theory and practice.
  • Reflection on own thinking and acting as a Change Activist.

Learning Product

The learning product of this masterclass is primarily you; the proof is the end assignment, the Change Activation Reflection Report in which you have shown the improved ability to activate change als a Change Activator. It cashes you Change Activation ability in your work practice. The end assignment must be delivered three months after the last lecture. A second opportunity is three months after the assessment of the first attempt. 


Driven by your objectives

Within the context of the MastercWord Cloud "Blended Learning"lass students pro-actively defines personal learning objectives in order to give direction to their learning. So your learning is not a matter of chance, but of choice!

Action Learning

In order to maximize the effectuality of your learning, we use action learning in which complex business issues, problems and challenges are solved by students, using the theory in practice. Getting to the underlying root cause (upstream analysis), reflecting upon thinking and acting (evaluate) and dare to create solutions (create) gives you the ability to develop your problem solving capability and change leadership. You and your organisation will see the benefit of this.

Blended Learning

We use a state of the art online learning environment in which students and teachers also meet virtually, co-create in learning activities, read study material, do tests and so on. Available for desktop, tablet and if you like on your mobile: so anytime and anyplace learning is within your reach. Due to our belief that the real learning starts when the Masterclass stops, you have free access to your Masterclass for at least 2 years after your start. So your learning remain supported by the online learning environment, enabling you to stay in contact with peer students.

Learning Groups

Between classroom sessions you organise yourself in Learning Groups (4-5 members) in order to execute group assignments: you will learn a lot from peer students.

Classroom Sessions

Our classroom sessions are really flipped: building upon what you learned in our virtual learning environment and the beforementioned learning groups we have highly interactive sessions meeting with a mixture of dialogue, knowledge, cases and so on. So you won’t see a lot of slidewire in class; they are available in the virtual environment.


Our Teachers are trained and experienced change professionals. They have a degree in Change Management and have excellent teacher ratings. They have a business background in order to connect the theory with the practice in organisations.

Number of Students

We aim for classes of over 12 participants and more.



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Compose your edition on the sign up tab. 

Study Load

 ActivityEstimating Method Study Load in hours 
 Self Study2 hours per lecture. 



5 classroom sessions of 3 hours.



 Learning Group  MeetingsAssumed energy: 4 meetings of 2,5 hours. 10
 End  Assignment

Not obliged.

Probably also part of your day tot day work.





 Study load per week

 Average per week 


  Do note that we provide a rich learning environment that seduces to spent more self study if you want to. 

Learning Material

A rich virtual learning environment with articles and cases is provided for 24 months, counting from the start of the masterclass. It is included in the price.

Recommended additional literature (excluded form the price): Bert Spector

  • Bert Spector Implementing Organizational Change (2012) ISBN13: 9780132970174 Indicative Price: € 44,=     Schein
  • Edgar H. Schein Helping (2011) ISBN13: 9781605098562 Indicative price: € 20,=    

Do wait for the opening of the masterclass in the virtual environment in order to gain from our second hand book market.


Quotes from our previous editions:

The average student satisfaction is 4,2 stars out of 5!

See their quotes:

  • “A must for (starting) change agent and change implementers.”
  • “Provides backgrounds and tooling for Change Activation!”
  • “Gives a wide range of knowledge and skills for instant use in activating change!”
  • “Do experience the  energy and inspiration of learning together in this masterclass.”
  • “Invest in yourself and take this Change Activation Masterclass.”
  • “”A must for my company!
  • “This is really helping my job getting done!”
  • “Every day I use what I have learned in this module”.
  • “I want to do all courses in this programme!”


“Based on experience within the Board on attending we can fully recommend it.”

Jan Vermeijs on behalf of the PMI Netherlands Chapter Board.

Quotes from users of the Change Activation Toolkit (embedded in this course):


“It can be used to train change management skills and also a tool for trainers to use to ensure consistency of messaging. I love how you provide suggestions of how to use, when to use, cheat-sheets and checklists, and how it links to different methodologies. It makes it a one stop shop.”

Ania Szpakowski, Change Program Manager, Zurich Insurance


“The materials cover the whole range of change management practice. For busy people who need answers now, or for reflective practitioners seeking to deepen their knowledge, this toolkit is invaluable.”

Dr Philip Stiles, Cambridge Judge Business School, University of Cambridge


“I honor the level of thought leadership, intelligence, creativity, care and production skill that went into developing this amazing content. A must for any one facing the need for change in their organization.”

Colin Tong, Information Risk Management Manager, PricewaterhouseCoopers USA


“The Better Business Learning Change Activation Kit could help organizations improve synergies during any type of change initiative, reducing risks, speeding up the change process without impacting personnel’s morale, thus increasing the overall success and effectiveness of the change.”

Jessica Minghinelli, Process & Quality Lead, Xerox Europe Ltd


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When & Where


Several editions per year. We offer daytime and evening editions. See sign up tab for exact dates and time.



Brasserie Zonnestraal (Termeulen paviljoen) Landgoed Zonnestraal Loosdrechtsebos 15 1213 RH Hilversum Route Description

Be aware that other locations are possible. See the signup tab



  • Are you unsure whether this course fulfils your particular needs?
  • Need advice?
  • In doubt whether this course fits your need?
  • Interested in a In-Company edition and price?

Get in contact with our study coaches: marc-mewe Marc Mewe Phone +31(0)639111003 Mail:b-improved@mmewe.nl bertvanderhooft Bert van der Hooft MCM Phone: +31(0)611119405 or mail: info@managementofchange.nl

In case of questions see how to contact us .

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