[slogan dotted_line=”no”]Our mission it to add value with sustainable change[/slogan]

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We provide training in the professional discipline of result oriented change. All of our programs are of high quality thanks to our origin, the Management of Change Community which supports us in the development and/or testing of our trainings. So you are not our guinea pig. We teach at many colleges and universities. The appreciation of our programs is high. Read more about it in our quality

Our Training offering includes masterclasses, courses, workshops and business simulations. Your practice is your learning environment (embedded learning). With interactive sessions and a virtual learning environment you experience multichannel learning: efficient and effective, learning a lot from your fellow students and your teachers. We support you in becoming a Reflective Practitioner: reflecting on (own) think and acting.

In a Incompany training you can increase the added value by learning together in one training with employees in a department or (intra/intercompany) value chain.

Our professional field is international. Our training content is usually in English. Classroom language is English in case we have non-Dutch speaking participants.