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We are a Cooperative of entrepreneurial professionals, bundling capabilities in one quality system. We learn organisations and people to deliver effectual change. Our source is the Management of Change Community with over 1250 members. In this community we develop ourselves, best practices, tools and – last but not least – courses, which we share (after testing) with our customers and partners. Management of Change thus has a unique expertise in result-oriented change. Our services are:

[column col=”1/4″][icon_box title=”Training” icon=”positive_dynamic.png” link=”http://www.managementofchange.nl/?page_id=2334″ show_button=”yes” button_text=”More…”]We provide training in the field of result-oriented change. We do this with our masterclasses, courses, workshops and business simulations. Your practice is your learning environment (embedded learning). With interactive sessions and a virtual learning environment you experience multichannel learning: efficient and effective!
[/icon_box][/column] [column col=”1/4″][icon_box title=”Coaching” icon=”compass.png” link=”http://www.managementofchange.nl/?page_id=1565″ show_button=”no” button_text=”More…”]We reflect on your organisational development and support you in developing your organisational, team and individual capabilities with (example given) development plans (team/individual) and coaching of teams and individual employees (from Change Leaders to Change Recipients).You will experience a real impact, especially in combination with our training. [/icon_box][/column] [column col=”1/4″][icon_box title=”Strengthen” icon=”library.png” link=”http://www.managementofchange.nl/?page_id=2995″ show_button=”no” button_text=”More…”]You extend your human capacity with hiring our Change Management Professionals. We are available on demand (on-site or remote) for the implementation of specific services. Long or short gaps in knowledge, skills and capacity adequately filled!
[/icon_box][/column] [column col=”1/4″ last=”yes”][icon_box title=”Bundle” icon=”layers.png” link=”http://google.com” show_button=”no” button_text=”More…”]We combine the offerings of individual Management of Change professionals and organisations in order to become one contract partner in your organisational change. By doing so you have access to the best professionals in the market, more consistency and less coordination![/icon_box][/column] [slogan dotted_line=”yes”] [/slogan][slogan dotted_line=”yes”] Organisational Development is Organisational learning![/slogan]